Northern Lights Neuroscience Symposia

The Scandinavian Neuropathological Society organizes a series of symposia called “Northern Lights Neuroscience Symposium”. At the meetings the scientific program focuses on one single topic of significant neuropathological interest. Invited speakers from many different branches of neuroscience present state of the art lectures.

The meetings are held in any of the Scandinavian countries and often we choose places with a spectacular geographical surrounding. In order to facilitate the communication between participants and speakers the number of participants is usually limited to about 150 persons.

The Northern Lights Neuroscience Symposia started as a result of the experience gained from the planning and performance of the Xth International Congress of Neuropathology that was hosted by the Scandinavian Neuropathological Society.

Yngve Olsson

The previous symposia are:

I Bergen Norway 1987: “Myelin Diseases”
II Hanasaari, Espoo Finland 1988: “Pathology of Alzheimer´s Disease”
III Reykjavík Iceland 1989: “Virus and the Brain”
IV Gothenburg Sweden 1991: “Pathobiology of Developmental Disorders”
V Sandbjerg Gods Denmark 1993: “Cerebral Ischemia”
VI Svalbard Norway 1995: “Inflammatory Muscle Disorders”
VII Bergen Norway 1996: “Multiple Sclerosis – Recent Concepts, Advances in Diagnosis, Disease Monitoring and Therapy”
VIII Gothenburg Sweden 1997: “Neuromuscular Disorders in Childhood”
IX Reykjavik Iceland 1998: “Prion and Lentiviral Diseases”
X Naantali Finland 2013: “Inflammatory reaction in brain disorders”
XI Odense Denmark 2015: “Brain Tumors