The Society was founded in Copenhagen 23 January 1965.

The name of this society is “Scandinavian Neuropathological Society”, abbreviated SNS.

The official language of the Society is English.

The purpose of the Society is to support neuropathology as a scientific and clinical discipline in the five Nordic countries and to support the collaboration between neuropathologists and representatives for associated disciplines in these and other countries.

Neuropathologists and others working clinically or theoretically in disciplines associated with neuropathology can become members of the Society. Membership can be obtained by application to the board.

The board consists of three to six members: the president, the secretary, the treasurer and, optionally, three to four additional representatives. The president and secretary are preferably from the same country. The positions as president, secretary and treasurer should be alternated between the Nordic countries. The secretary is obliged to make protocols from board meetings and assemblies. The treasurer is obliged to keep record of the finances and update the list of the members. All members of the board are elected at the general assembly for a three-year period. Re-election is possible. It is not possible to be president/secretary/treasurer for more than two consecutive periods. The board makes decisions with majority vote. The board may take decisions when the president and at least two other members of the board are present. If the number of votes is equal, the president has two votes. The members of the Society can suggest new board members and representatives in writing to the board and the board announces them at least one month before the general assembly when new board members and representatives are to be elected.

Ordinary general assembly is held at regular intervals. A notice to attend and an agenda are sent to the members at least one month in advance. At the ordinary general assembly the president gives the activity report and the treasurer presents the revised financial report. A representative presents the audited financial report of “Fonden för neuropatologisk forskning” at the ordinary general assembly. The ordinary general assembly elects the representatives of the Society to national and international, professional and administrative committees. They are elected for a period of three years. Re-election is possible. The ordinary general assembly elects one to five representatives to “Fonden för neuropatologisk forskning” according to its constitution. They are elected for a period not longer than five years. Re-election is possible. The annual membership fee is decided at the ordinary general assembly. The general assembly may decide that special categories of members may have a special fee. Decisions are made at the general assembly by majority vote among the present members. Extra general assemblies can be held after written notice to attend at least one month in advance after decision by the board, or when at least one third of the members of the Society demand this in writing to the board.

The financial year of the Society is between two ordinary general assemblies.

The Society usually has an annual meeting with a scientific program in connection to the ordinary general assembly. Together with the notice to attend the general assembly the theme for the scientific meeting should be announced. Further meetings can be held after decision by the board.

Decisions concerning terminating the Society are made by majority vote by all members of the Society.

Revised and accepted at the General Assembly 2014.