• EuroCNS examination in October: first colleague from Norway will take part
  • diagnostic guidelines for neuropathology samples will be prepared til end of the year
  • meeting report and report of the general assembly will follow soon

  • Annual Meeting / General assembly and  Board meeting was helt on Lofoten Islands in Svolvær on September 1-5, 2017
    • with speakers Tibor Hortobágyi (Debrecen HUN), Dietmar Thal (U Leuven, BE), Holger Moch (U Zürich, CH), Bjarne Winther Kristensen (U Odense, DK), Maria Gardber (FIN),  Bränström (Umeå, SWE), Hrvoje Miletic (Bergen, NO), Pitt Niehusmann, Henning Leske and Stephanie Brendecke (Oslo, NO).

  • added case of the mounth Mai 2017
  • added case of the month Apr 2017, Feb-Mar waiting
  • added case of the month Jan 2017
  • new design of SNS homepage – all can submit background pics